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Our main services

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Web Development And Maintainants

A website is not just an essential presentation tool in the modern era but the mere identity of the means of communication, between your valued company and your clientele. It therefore plays the core ingredient in your company’s marketing strategy.

Here at Tecnnovates, our team comprising of highly creative and innovative designers, make it their priority to ensure you exceed expectations on your marketing goals, enabling you to streamline your productivity both artistically and visually.


E-Commerce Development

Welcome to the new era of e-marketing, if your intention is to conduct your business over the internet, with a range of tools including selling, delivering, online transactions and many more, then let tecnnovates provide the best solution for you.

We work with a range of technologies including Magento and opencart to name a few, setting a solid foundation to your next big business strategy, enhancing your business individuality and attracting more customers.

Let us help your business bloom by enabling you a solution with the best functionality to streamline profit making.


Web Hosting

Finding the efficient and reliable web host is the first step towards optimizing your company’s online presence, offering a variety of operational tools such as storage, email, data transfer, e.t.c and many features like shared , VPS, wordpress. Tecnnovates ensures a range of affordable packages whether you are a start-up business or already established organization to receive a feature packed web hosting system and customer service which will guarantee excellence in creativity, partnership and functionality.

Mobile Application Development (Android And IOS)

The tecnnovates team with extensive experience, create high performing, digitally transformative mobile applications on IOS and Android, cross mobile applications and custom-made mobile applications with your organization’s success in mind.

If you’re looking for a solid mobile strategy, amped with the latest industry intelligence and high quality App then Tecnnovates has the answer for you.

Digital Marketing (Fb/Twitter/G+)

With over 500 million active users , who spend 23 % or more of their day on social media, while on average 70% of marketers claim to have found their customers on Facebook , one cannot emphasis on the necessity of Internet Marketing in modern times.

Our team at Tecnnovates pay special attention to the forever evolving trends and marketing tools on the most obvious platforms such as FaceBook, Twitter , Instagram and G+;

  • Promoting your valued business/services/products by managing your social media accounts or
  • By way of paid advertisements ( FaceBook Advertisemnts, Google Adwords, twitter, e.t.c) respectively.



With the increasing demand for Digital Marketing via social media comes the next essential and effective online promotional strategy of search engine optimization and search engine marketing where we can increase the amount of visitors by increasing the sites visibility.

We use tools such as incorporating selective keyword into title tags, formatting page URLS, optimize page load speed, social boomarking , pay per click (PPC) and many more, which work hand in hand to create a strong online presence and promote your valued brand to success.

Brand Identity And Graphic Designing

The Brand identity is the visual ambassador of any valued company, thus it is known to be the most vital of decisions for the role players of a company to form a corporate image, which should be nothing less than consistent, memorable and timeless.

Teccnovates team consists of professional designers who will craft the best and unique brand identities, aiding you to understand who you are as a business and how you want to be perceived in the target market.

Our Services Includes Below,

  • Corporate Branding (Business cards, Leaflets, Envelopes, Brochures)
  • Flyers/Posters
  • Social media designs (FB/Instagram etc)
  • Gift card designs
  • Logos
  • Logos & Icon Designs
  • Power point Templates


Let Tecnnovates guide your valued company, by providing you advisory services to analyze different and new emerging technologies which will align IT with your business strategies, formulating the ultimate solutions, since today it is critical that you have strong IT processes and practices to thrive in excellence and success.

Investing in IT consulting effectively will surely help you to meet the current demanding challenges in the corporate world, where the end goal should always be formulating IT policy to concur objectives , thus with Tecnnovates you can be confident to where you want to go.


Content Writing

Are you looking for content writers who can master different writing styles, craft originality and attract your target audience ? then Tecnnovates is the right place for you.

While artistic graphics captivate the users, it is the web content that really conveys the message differentiating your website from the masses thus picking your business by the customers or clientele as the “chosen one”. Therefore our team will make it their obligation to ensure that your digital marketing intentions are satisfied with.